Space Racing Final Next Week

If you have a look at the team standings after Spring Gully South you will see that the Mustangs have what seems to be a good lead, but they can still be beaten! After Spring Gully there were not a lot of points difference in the top teams and any of these could still take out the trophy. It has been a good series and everyone seems to have enjoyed Space Racing.

Next week will be at Sedgwick. This is a new map of a bush area surrounded by a well defined fence. Colin will be setting the Space Racing course and has promised that there will be some very interesting racing. After the race is over we will have the presentations, accompanied by a sausage sizzle. The medallions and trophy will be formally presented to the winners and all competitors will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

The start and presentation area will be at the start area for the Bendigo Club’s Bush Orienteering event due to start at 12.30. Why not bring a picnic lunch and stay on? All Space Racers are invited take part in the Novice Course; entry is free and there will be people to look after you, accompany you around the course and show you what Bush Orienteering is all about.

Results: Strathdale Park

Our first race of the Series took place on Saturday. We had a lot of new competitors and some experienced people from last year. It was good to see some of the older Space Racers take new people onto their teams and give them some help thanks Michael and Daniel!.

Lachlan Cherry is no longer competing as a Space Racer but he did the course as a warm up for his afternoon Bush Orienteering competition – scorched around and picked up twenty controls in about twenty minutes! He also kept an eye on the first timers. Thanks Lachlan!

Katie Wilson 26:55 190
Thomas Wigney 26:49 190
Jack Wigney 26:43 190
Charlotte Wigney (assisted) 26:44 60
Jaeger Hughes 29:53 190
Cooper Smith 29:52 190
Jimmy Cameron 29:54 190
Jorja Hughes (assisted) 31:09 70
Michael Loughnan 25:42 140*
Alexandra Nevil 25:45 140*
Ellyna Collins 25:44 140*
Bailey Collins 25:30 40
Daniel Worthington 25:12 40
Madison Hoey 24:09 90
Emma Stuart-Kelly 24:11 90
Zac McDonald 33:04 60*
Riley Baldock 33:07 60*
Liam Stuart-Kelly 33:04 60*
Alex Sjaardemo 19:15 70
Jayden Godfrey 19:11 70
Caitlyn Steer 19:05 70
John Steer 17:55 60
Kaylee Godfrey 28:31 120
Lewis Stone 28:37 120
Matthew Aisbett 28:31 120
* Note: Group of 3 averaged to 2 competitors (4 per team maximum for team scores)

Results: Come And Try It

Space Racing got underway with a great opening Come and Try it day at Kangaroo Flat Botanical Gardens last Saturday. About twenty people took on the wilds of the gardens and all got back safely! There were a few runners who had Space Raced before and they had really good runs, getting all twenty controls within the half hour (Jim put out twenty controls instead of the usual fifteen). Everyone got at least fifteen controls but some took a little longer than the thirty minutes.

Anyone can take part. Space Racing is for anyone who is of primary school age! You do not have to be a member of a school team to compete or come from any special school. You can bring your friends and we will put you in a team of four people and you will be eligible to win the prizes at the end of the Space Racing Series. So get your school mates together and come along next Saturday.

Results. There were no winners last Saturday as it was just for people to see what Space Racing was all about, but here is a list of runners and the points they scored. I may have missed some results slips.

John Steer            Lockwood Primary School           170 points
Kaylee Godfrey        Creek Street                      170
Solomon Cameron       Big Hill Primary                  170
Nicholas Malone                                         110
Matthew Aisbett       Creek Street                      110
Riley Baldock         Strathfieldsaye Primary           180
Zac McDonald          Strathfieldsaye Primary           180
Jaeger Hughes                                           200
Alex Sjaardema        Kangaroo Flat Preimary            200
Peter Shanahan        St. Therese’s Primary             150
Jayden Godfrey        Holy Rosary, White Hills          150
Jorja Hughes                                            150
Thomas Wigney         Maiden Gully Primary              150
Jack Wigney           Maiden Gully Primary              150
Katie Wilson          Marong(?)                         150
Caitlyn Steer         Lockwood Primary School           170
Lewis Stone           Creek Street                      170

Next week we will start racing for real points

Come and Try It day

The 2011 SpaceRacing – Action Orienteering season starts with a “Come and Have a Go at Space Racing” event.

The introductory event for the 2011 season will be held at the Kangaroo Flat Botanical Gardens on Saturday 30 April, starting at 10.00 am.

The first race of the 12 race competition will be at Strathdale Park on Saturday 7 May.

So, Come and Have a Go at Space Racing — entry is free!


2010 Wrapup

The last race of Bendigo’s 2010 SpaceRacing season has been run, and won. Creek Street Christian College Gold team retained the trophy in what turned out to be a close finish — Girton College just failed in the charge to the post.

During the 2010 series we brought over 50 primary school students into contact with orienteering, with a average of about 34 competitors at each race (except for one very wet day – even then eighteen or twenty braved the elements). It was most heartening to watch each day as the teams developed their team-building and course planning skills; it was exciting to listen to them joining in the count-down to the mass start, as it was to listen to the shouted encouragement given by the teams that finished to the other teams from their college.

One interesting off-shoot was seeing some SpaceRacing parents starting to try orienteering, two or three of whom are competing at C and B course levels at our Local Bush-O Event Series. The success of our SpaceRacing program is due in no small part to the efforts of five or six Bendigo orienteers who give up a lot of Saturday mornings, and in particular to Jim Russell who prepares the maps, sets the courses and puts out and picks up controls. All in all, a great team doing a great job for orienteering in Victoria.