What is Space Racing



SpaceRacing – Action Orienteering is orienteering racing designed specially for children of primary school age. Races are held on orienteering maps of park areas close to Bendigo. These areas are surrounded by well defined boundaries and there are no major road crossings or other hazardous features. Prior orienteering experience is not essential, the competition provides challenging navigation equal to the developing skills of the junior orienteer – and there is a major prize for the winning team at the end of the series.

Teams of four competitors take part in pairs in this fun outdoor sport that combines running or walking, map reading and cooperative problem solving. Teams are not restricted to the schools, they can be families or just a group of kids of primary school age who get together to have a lot of fun.

Races take thirty minutes and while the kids are competing, parents can take a map and explore a different park area for themselves each week. No need to stand around in the cold while kids are having a good time!

We also provide a mapping service and can create orienteering standard maps of your school or nearby park areas.

Further information can be obtained from:
Jim Russell, 0411 125 178, jymbo@dodo.com.au
Peter Creely, 03 5443 1975, luddcreely@impulse.net.au

2009 Australian Orienteer story


Space Racing Season 2012

Come and try day on 21st of April.  10am at the Quarry Hill Recreation reserve.

A fun and active Saturday morning event, encouraging activity and map reading at our beautiful parks around Bendigo.

Go to www.spaceracing.com.au for further information on how to get your children involved.

Or call Jim Russell on 0411 125 178 or Peter Creely on 5443 1975



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